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Monday, April 9, 2012

Shopping for March 2012 trip

I love a challenge therefore I love shopping in Bali.
 Years ago it stopped becoming quite so much fun as I had bought most of what I wanted. 
Then I had an idea.
 I'm a hairdresser and all my clients love my Bali gear, so I now buy lots and lots of things to sell in my salon at a huge profit! 
Whatever I get from the sales (including what I originally paid) goes to Bumi Sehat Birthing Clinic 

I have fun and my clients love the fact they are making a donation plus getting unusual gear. They know they are paying a lot more than I paid and I tell them it's from Bali so there are No guarantees! They are making a donation and getting a gift! 

Good for me, good for them and best of all..... good for Bali :)

Here is some of what I bought this trip. 

Often things start at what we call 'silly price' if I can remember I have written starting price in brackets so if your new to shopping in Bali you'll realise how much you can bargain down sometimes.
Prices can change from shop to shop, sometimes someone will not match what you just paid 5 minutes ago.

Sunglasses any type
 We paid 20,000-25,000 in Kuta/Legian/Sanur but only 15,000 for the same at Sukawati markets near Ubud.
 Then we met up with a girlfriend who said they had only been paying 10,000 to 15,000 in Kuta
(Starting price can be around 200,000)

Pencil chop sticks for Ry
from Lolita's in Seminyak
 I think they were 35,000 rp set price

 Bought these at Matahari in Kuta I lOVE them.
 Lisa calls them my little Kickers
549,000 RP

 I buy these frangipani butterfly clips every trip 25,000 rp for a box of twelve. Some places want more but you'll get them somewhere.
(starting price can be 50,000 each clip)
Maybe I've paid 30,000 rp a box if I absolutely love the colours.
I've bought them at Ubud markets, Sukawati markets, also around the southern beaches but I can't remember where.
Open the box and check a few clips, also make sure you haven't got the box with all the left over dull colours.

Shear cotton scarves from Ubud markets 12,000 rp each 
I saw them for the same price at Hardy's in Sanur

The sarongs from Ubud markets paid 25,000 for some and 30,000 for others, exactly the same sarongs just got them cheaper at different stalls.
(starting price 200,000)

 I call this my Mary Poppins bag from the street along side Sukawati markets
35,000 or 40,000 I can't remember exactly

Beaded bangles from  Sukawati markets 20 for 20,000 rp
( starting price something stupid like 80,000rp each!)

15,000 rp most beautiful butterfly sarong from Sukawati
Lisa Joe and I all bought one:)
(starting price about 120,000)

Lisa's little dog she paid 180,000 rp .
 We saw similar in Sanur set price shop for over 900,000 rp
(starting price around 450,000 rp)

Silk tops from Ubud markets and Ubud streets 100,000 rp
I have a gorgeous silk top Lisa bought me last year that is over locked and washes well. These tops aren't over locked, the stitching started to come undone as soon as I carefully hand washed them! 
I still love them:)
But they are not worth 100,000rp

See how the green neck (below) scoops down a little more? it's amazing how hanging up they look the same. Because when they are on, the necklines sit like two different styles.
 Never assume it's the same just because it looks alike.

Silk sarongs from Ubud markets two for 300,000 rp maybe I paid to much but these are lush! Took forever to get them for this price.
I'm on a mission next trip to get them cheaper for work.
Tips anyone???

 My cotton skirt from 'sama sayang' on Hanoman Street Ubud 150,000 rp
I loved a lot of stuff in this shop and I'll be back in July

Apron from Down To earth in Ubud 100,000 rp

My yoga top from Yoga Shop on Hanoman Street
 OMG I can't believe I paid that much!! 

 Shell sun catchers 10,000 each Sanur
I think I should of paid 5,000 each
(starting price 50,000 each)

Green pottery bowl I've got a few of these in different sizes and patterns, I'm fussy with the colour and glaze. This one is very rich in both.
105,000 rp from Rita gift shop 
Jl. Danau Tamblingan No 81 Sanur

Wind catcher from next door to Ritas
35,000 rp
Bottle opener from Sanur beach markets 20,000

 Long rayon pants 40,000 each Sanur beach markets.
 I have bought these for 35,000 in the past.
Rainbow dress, it's the only thing I regret buying.
Sanur beach markets 50,000 rp

 My beautiful feather duster.
 The customs lady in Australia laughed at me!
 she said all it's going do is make dust go all over the place.
I don't care :)
From coco mart in Sanur 
I can't find the receipt but it wasn't much, maybe 12,000 rp or was it 22,000rp?

 Scarves from Hardy's last minute purchase 
 28,900 rp each 

Hair sticks from Hardy's
15,000 20,000 and 35,000rp

Silver ring with tigers eye stone from Sayang 
 Jl. Danau Tamblingan 
set price 125,000 rp

I bought this frog ring years ago in the same shop, love it!

 Bali bag number 5 for check in luggage 60,000 from Toot Sie


rahul khan said...

Look at those things ! Very very beautiful ! Congratulation for those great finds.sell my house

Chaki said...

I love your blog. Spent too much little doing family activities and not enough time shopping but your price guide will be so useful for my next trip. My kids are 11 and 13 and we travel in the same price bracket as you so your choices in accomodation are great information.
Thanks so much and can't wait to read about your next trip!

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