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Sunday, April 8, 2012

6) Sanur last day

Lisa and I go home tonight.
Mum and Joe are staying for another week, heading over to Kuta for Nypie day. 

 I'm on the net and at some point I have a look on the Bali TripAdvisor forum, there are a couple of post that have been terminated so of course I click on them. There is all this talk of shootings and terrorist in Sanur! I switch to Google (my friend) to read up on it as much as I can. It seems the first night that Lisa and I were in Sanur there was a big police raid on suspected terrorist and the police shot and killed some men.

We aren't staying far from where this happened and had no idea anything was going on. People were on the forum asking if it was safe, saying they had heard people were hiding in the hotels and here we had been wandering around trying new food and checking out hotels! So much for being registered with dfat.

 I'm always surprised at peoples reaction when something happens in Bali, the government warnings are there when you book. I go to Bali feeling 99% safe (once the plane lands), but I don't consider the government warnings to be of no consequence. 
We talked about it and decide mum and Joe should rethink their Nypie day plans. That's about it, not much you can do about it really. 

To lighten the mood....
 this breakfast plate belongs to Joanne.
What a way to start the day!!

A girlfriend was staying in Kuta with her daughters and
we arrange to met up with her out the front of Griya.

When we were talking to the American lady in Ubud she said she had read Sanur beach was dirty, I told her I've never seen it dirty. I've seen lots of seaweed washed up but living on the coast I consider that to be natural not dirty.
 I hadn't ever stayed at Sanur in March before, maybe the seasons make a difference? I decided to take lots of beach photos trying to show an honest picture.

Out the front of Griya doesn't look dirty to me

only seaweed to be found

I walked out here to find star fish but there weren't any, usually there are heaps of big red ones.
Looking back towards Griya

Next beach south is a bit messy, but again mostly only seaweed and sticks. I saw one or two wrappers, cleaner than a lot of  Sydney beaches.

a tiny tiny hermit crab

 water looks good to me

 From bright sunshine to a tropical storm in a matter of about 5 mins

We end up eating at the Griya pizzeria, 
 Lisa had a calzone? below it was huge!

Our girlfriend Sharman comes back to have a swim at our pool while her girls go for a bike ride along the path. Sharman agrees our hotel looks like an institution :)

Lisa and I make a deal, one trip she will stay at the Griya with me.
The catch is I have to stay at Kuta Lagoon again... :( 

Sharman says goodbye and we go to Hardys

Hardys three floors jam packed full of 'stuff'
You need to know your prices here as some things can be over priced, always ask if they will give you a discount.

 I love these chequered sarongs but they weren't cheap,
 next trip I'm on a mission to get some

Back to the hotel, Joanne and I get the lift up to the top floor to check out the view.

The roof tops of Sanur

I've spent this trip looking for a gift for a close friend. 
Joanne comes with me to our favourite silver shop in Sanur 'Sayang'.
I can't believe it, literally at the last hour I find it.
She loves tigers eye stones and circles, perfect!!

 Lisa and I pack our bags, then grab a driver off the street, he chats the whole way.
 He shows us the area where the police raid was as we drive past and talks about the problems in Bali. 
He tells us that villages like Sanur are starting up private security groups, made up of locals they patrol the streets at night. He says locals are now always looking, looking to stop the trouble that is coming to Bali.
We talk about the traffic and I say they need more public transport "No" he says "look" as he points to a big empty bus stuck in traffic. he tells us the buses go broke because it is so cheap to buy a bike and Balinese like to be independent!

We get to JetStar check in and find out the travel agent has messed up our booking. We paid for two checked in bags, but she only booked one. Lisa and I were the fools at the check in counter pulling everything out of our luggage, stuffing it into our carry on bags. Lucky we didn't have to much weight and could redistribute, but it was hot and annoying.

We decided not to go to the lounges, went to some gross little cafe instead, after the fourth cockroach climbed up the wall I couldn't eat my toasted sandwich. I really don't like this airport, I'm sad that it's the last thing I see when I leave Bali.

7 nights makes this the shortest trip I've had to Bali, the longest I've stayed was for a month.
 I always said I wouldn't bother going for less than 2 weeks, but we had an absolutely fantastic time it felt like we had been away for two weeks. I'd go for a week again no hesitation, although 10 night would be better:)
 Over 7 nights we stayed in Kuta, Ubud and Sanur, moving around wasn't a drama at all. 
I'll be back with the same crew for three weeks in July and I can't wait!!!!

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