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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sanur 2011

Having spent a few nights in Pemuteran
 I was looking forward to heading south.

Our first stop Git Git waterfall "nice toilet" NOT.

The walk to Git Git is really pretty and longer than I remembered it.
There are little shop stalls all along the path to the waterfall, they happily let you go past on the way down but on the way back it's a whole other story:)
We bought bedspreads and puppets, for a good price, so it's worth looking.

Our shopping

Double sided quilt large 200,000RP

Wooden puppets two for
 The detail in this pair is wonderful. I wasn't going to take the chance that I couldn't find as nice later.

Riley and Zac at the waterfall.
I have a very similar photo of myself at Git Git in 1991

I was interested in seeing if this hotel was still here, it is really run down and looked empty. 
 I wrote about in the 'Bali 1991' page . 

While we were driving along Con said to the kids lets play a game, like eye spy.
Trying to keep the kids interested he said who ever sees a duck first gets 1,000 RP.
So we go around the corner and there's a duck, not fair says Con, we will change it. Whoever sees ten ducks first get 5,000RP.
Funny funny funny, we went around the corner and suddenly the whole car, including adults, is yelling duck duck duck duck duck duck duck........ There was a whole rice filed of ducks. Ducks as far as the eye could see, LOL
I think the driver even joined in, I was laughing so much I had tears rolling down my face. Not sure if we got our money??

Lunch stop, nice view but I've seen better.

Heading towards Sanur

Peneeda View Hotel

We chose Peneeda because it had family rooms at a good price and it's on the beach. For each family in a two bedroom little bungalow(as above) it was only $125 per night total. For beachfront accommodation that is great, with kids as young as eight in our travelling party we felt it necessary to have adjoining rooms and this was perfect. Beautiful gardens, wonderful staff and very, very clean attractive rooms. Only thing that lets this place down are the pools, there are three of them but they just look like back yard swimming pools. They lack that resort feel. Still we had a wonderful time here and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this place.

Peneeda View dinning room on the beach

view from dining room

beach and path out the front of Peneeda view

Ross and the kids at our favourite table

We were told you can't swim in the Hyatt pool unless you are a guest.  so just for fun Ross and I went on a mission to swim in their pool. It was to busy for us, so we ended up just wandering around. Must say very attentive staff, they obviously thought we were staying there:)

I love Sanur Beach. I love the path, the restaurants and the sometimes annoying, but lovely, locals.
I've grown up living on Sydney's southern beaches and we have some of the most amazing beaches.
But still I love Sanur. Bali beaches have a local pulse and life, that few, if any beaches I've seen could match.

Con going for a surf

Sanur beach further north, probably around Besakih or Bonsai. See the restaurant tables in the sand, that's typical for this stretch of beach.

Tandjung pool, I'm standing on the beach path taking the photo.
Nice pool... quirky, authentic, rustic rooms I love this place.

Besakih pool, photo taken from the beach path,
 nice pool... shame about the rooms

Oops sorry:) I think this is in the grounds of Villa Shanti?

Griya Santrian beach front? if not same same any way

See Sanur is classic!

Tides out so can't really swim but it doesn't matter, still pretty to look at.

Giant ant! at the markets

Beach Cafe

Beach Cafe tasting plate, usually delicious and something I look forward to. This time it was not nice at all and I left most of it:(

How could I not take Elly to Genevas? So we grabbed a cab and headed over to the dark side of Bali :)
At one point I looked through some shelving to see her just gazing around with her mouth open! She caught my eye and smiled "I'm in heaven, this place is amazing" Elly will be back I'm sure:)

Three floors... isle after isle of bargain shopping. They have cleaned it up a lot since I was last there.

While shopping in Matahari Kuta, Tanna spots a local with a puppy, when she asks to pat it the girl quickly hands the puppy over :)

After our shopping trip  we came back to find that Lila and the guys had saved a little bat from drowning in the swimming pool.

Last day time to get pretty, we had promised the ladies in pink from day one we would come back to see them. They never let us forget it!

Fish spa in Hardys, Tanna and I had been waiting for weeks to try this out.

It tickles!! we were all freaking out thinking the fish were going to eat our flowers off! Obviously we should of had our nails painted after, but time was short!

What did we buy this trip??

 I bought this in Ubud for Tannas birthday party, we used it as a table cloth then I gave it to her. It's her favourite colour.

We had a dragon like this from our '91' trip it had hung in the garden for years, recently it fell apart so we replaced it:)
Paid to much for it in Ubud, but we don't care, the detail is way better than any we saw in the cheaper coastal shops.

 from Ubud markets,
 Elly saw this first but let me have it, now I think of her good nature every time I use it...xox

This trip I decided to buy a brass bell from each country and hang it near the front door I already had one hanging from Thailand.
 Now I have, Singapore, Cambodia and two from Bali :)
Brass bell from Ubud, shiny and new 50,000RP and from our Favourite shop in Sanur, very old looking 20,000RP

Love these 3/4 pants 35,000 each, they were more expensive than the long ones. 'New style' I'm told so they should be cheaper now, in that few months they would be old style:)

Long pants 30,000RP love these pants, I already had some from previous trip.
 Top from Kuta Rip Curl shop RP?? I can't remember

LOVE this shirt, again I can't remember how much, it was from Rip Curl in Kuta. 
 I was walking along the beach path with this on and a local yelled "nice shirt", after our "nice cow" holiday I had a good laugh.

bowl 49,000
platter 59,700

Genevas bowl with stand 66,000.
 I didn't know the stand was included and just grabbed the bowl.
It wasn't until later I saw the sticker stated 66,000 RP for the set.
 I had assumed it was cheap so didn't even look at the price, with the stand it would of been a good price:( 
Check your prices!!
 I love it though, so no worries:)

Mask from Sanur markets, mum actually bought this for me last trip, I LOVE it so thought I'd share:)

Rileys watch :):)
If you don't know the story it has it's own page. Look in the side bar for the post on his watch story.

There is a shop in Sanur that we have bought many things from over the years, they used to have the most amazing art collection. Last trip we bargained hard with Ibu but this year she had passed away and we talked to her husband who had previously sat back and let her do the talking.
I was so sad that she had passed away, she was full of wonderful stories about the old Bali. One of the painting we bought off her sits on top of my piano and every time I play I think of her:)

This visit we bought a colourful carving and hung it above our doors. I'm really fussy with detail and colours, sometimes we pay more for quality.
  120,000RP I would of paid more, it's one of the nicest and most colourful I've seen.

Having trouble uploading some pictures sorry, but I had to show you my favourite thing!!

 A big fat frog, I bought him from the very last stall in Sanur markets we find this shop cheap with some really cool stuff. Fatso here was all grubby and old, we had a few things to buy when I spotted him.
 I loved him at first sight and probably would of paid about 120,000RP
 I asked the guy in my tone that says I'm not that interested, but "how much?" 40,000RP OH Yeah!! I had myself a new frog:)
It doesn't show up but he is really bright and rich in colour.

On our last night I asked everyone to name their first five thoughts of Bali, quickly without thinking.

Geckos, watches, bats in caves, being blessed.

 Communist hats, BB guns, persistent shop sellers, watches.

Dog been hit (I didn't post about it, to sad), shopping, rice paddies, Pandora charms, snorkeling.

Shopping, swimming, animals, rice paddies, hanging out with everyone.

Swimming, eating at Peneeda view restaurant, shopping, traffic signs, rice paddies, snorkeling.

Snorkeling, fireflies, company, spirituality, family time.

Rice filed walk, simplicity of Balinese life, snorkeling,Villa Semadhi, Sanur surf.

Rileys negative reaction to being blessed,
motor bike ride in Pemuteran, snorkeling, sharing the experience with friends (a first for us), finding out Ibu had died. 
Once again Bali was wonderful and after four weeks of travel we still loved Bali best:)

Usually with the kids we just hang out at the cafes around the airport, this time we went to the Japanese restaurant. Had a fantastic meal, it added another wonderful memory to our trip.
Elly and Con paid as a thank you for my trip planning, thanks for a great meal guys. I would highly recommend this as an alternative to the airport lounges where I usually go with the girls.

P.S from Pemuteran
I forgot about this naughty monkey, it actually ran up grabbed the water bottle from our guide and ran away with it. It sat down, unscrewed the lid, drank the water then threw the bottle away !!


Leonora Sophie said...

What a great entry! We are in Sanur right now (again) and it is nice to see other people's thoughts on it too! Actually, I was looking for the entry on the turtle island. I saw your comment on trip advisor. I am saddened to say that I think we went to the wrong place today...ugh. There was such a horrible vibe there.

foodblogjunky said...

What a fantastic way to preserve the memories from your trip. Sounds like you love Sanur almost as much as I do

Chaki said...

I will be going to Bali next month with my family, for the first time! My kids are slightly younger than yours, but a girl and a boy. Love reading about your adventures and seeing the photos. Thanks for sharing!

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