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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Snorkeling Menjangan Island

These photos are from our snorkeling trip to Pulau Menjangan Island, it is a marine national park off the coast of Bali, about a 20 min drive west of Pemuteran.

Ross and I have both done a lot of diving, including places like the Maldives and the Barrier reef. We were really impressed with Menjangan and rate it among our favourite free dives (free dive meaning no air tanks).

The photos below are all taken without scuba tanks, we had five kids with us three of them had never tried snorkeling before and all did it with ease.

 In a lot of the photos there are white messy marks, they are all fish!!

We picked the perfect day, the previous couple of days there had been a lot of swell so we couldn't believe our luck when we woke up to a perfect sea.                                                                             

Motoring out to Menjangan was stunning, with Bali behind us and Java to the the left.                         

         There was magic in the air......
I'm sure that the Gods were smiling down upon us.

Our first dive

The Bali sea was like a mill pond

This what it's all about

Looking down towards the drop off

Looking up from the drop off

All along the drop off the coral was alive and beautiful.

All the messy dots are fish!

Seriously love my camera!!


Riley diving the drop off

Picnic lunch

Just chilling

After lunch

In the shallows were clams and bright little spots of coral.

Our second dive

Around the other side of the island away from the drop off we snorkeled from the boat as there is no beach here.

Someone jumping off the boat.

What is this coral? looked like underwater mushrooms.


Around the island

These little caves were full of bats!

There was a ceremony in progress at this temple, this is Bali.. everyone stopped and waved at us as we motored on past.

For tired little kids and lazy adults

Cruising back wet happy and exhausted

Zac, Con and Riley

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Joanne Nie. said...

Hey! I'm Joanne from Malaysia. Your pictures are absolutely stunning! :)
One question though, as my family and i are planning to go to menjangan island for snorkelling, how much did it cost per person for snorkelling? Thank you!

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