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Saturday, March 24, 2012

2) Ubud and the big surprise!!

(see last post to understand the surprise)

When we reach Ubud the familiar streets have us looking out the car windows for mums floppy white hat. Lisa has a feeling, she say she is sure we are going to see them walking around. We strain to look in each shop and both have our cameras out, ready to capture the shocked look on their faces. We are so excited, constantly babbling to each other and the driver, poor guy we keep on trying to explain to him what we are doing. I'm sure he thinks we are insane!

 We arrive at Champlung Sari Hotel bursting with excitement, it's only about 10am. Normally I wouldn't agree to stay here as the place is overrun with monkeys but since mum and Joe were staying here it's the logical place to be. We check in with our hearts going a hundred miles an hour, thinking we'll see mum or Joe any second!

 Lisa asks for room 207, this is the first room we ever stayed in at Champlung Sari and the girls have stayed in this room a few times since. It is huge and has a great outlook over the hotel, also has monkeys visit in the morning....hmm more on that later.
So after been told that the room is not available Lisa keeps on asking them to look, then magically yes the guest are checking out of that room today, we can check in after 2pm, Lisa is very happy:)
Our room top floor on the right hand side.



We ask at the desk for the girls room number then slowly creep along the maze of paths poking our heads around each corner. Slowly we approach their room only to be confronted with the "please make up our room" hanger. Dam we have missed them!
Before we left Sydney Lisa and I had discussed how we would find them, all I'll say is we didn't go with my plan, did we my sweet little sister Lisa???

Maybe they have gone shopping? we start power walking up Monkey Forest Rd, no small task let me tell you. Our breath catches at every white hat or familiar hair style, but by the time we get to the soccer field we are mentally and physically exhausted! We turn down Dewi Sita and then left towards Jalan Raya.

I love all the little lanes in Bali
 It's about now that we decide to stop the stalking and just enjoy walking :)

There was a ceremony starting at the top of Hanoman St.
Later that day we got stuck behind it in a car, it took forever to get back to the hotel.

Jalan Raya

We head to the markets first stop is Della's shop, as soon as she sees Lisa it's all big smiles.
We first met Della (spelling?) a few months after the first Bali bombs. We had ventured all the way to the back of the upstairs markets needing some space from the desperation and  sadness that was everywhere. I remember her shocked face seeing tourist near her shop, she was so lovely and non aggressive that we bought many things off her and nick named her the laughing lady. She was laughing so much that she was almost crying, I'm sure she was slightly hysterical, the time we spent at her stall is one of my strongest memories from that trip.
So now we always visit her:)

Ubud markets up the stairs

Looking down to the food section 

 On the way out I buy a sarong from a lady near the entrance to the left past the motor bike (below). I pay 30,000 after an initial starting price of 200,000. I  love the sarong and was really happy with the price. As I pass another lady near the stairs she says 'I have the same for 25,000' typical! I had issues with this lady in a couple of days time.

We need a break and head across the road to OOPS restaurant 

I try another new drink Stolen Cinta (love) what a lovely name :)

 Nice outlook at OOPS

 We had vegetarian and chicken spring rolls I wasn't impressed with the size or the taste but Lisa thought they were really nice. I was going to have a creme brulee every day this trip and so far I haven't found one :(
 I have to be happy with the less flamboyant creme caramel. 

 I needed to ask for sugar syrup with my Stolen Cinta (on the right) then it was delicious.
 Lisa had an Orient and it was really nice as well.

What a couple of silly girls we are, eating lunch with cameras ready just in case mum and Joe came here to eat. Even going to the bathroom was an ordeal, how horrible would it be to miss out on the big surprise!!

Surely the girls are as exhausted as us, of course they must be heading back to the hotel for a swim! 
We jump in a car and spend the next half an hour crawling along Hanoman St. it would of been quicker to walk.
Tired and defeated we sit in the car hoping the girls haven't chosen today to do a tour, hoping we will find them soon. The adrenaline is fading but we still look out the car windows, camera at the ready.
Lisa says we would never make good detectives.

  Happy dog watching the slow procession of cars.

 Our room is ready so we settle in taking turns to keep a look out from our veranda, get in our bathers and head for the pool.

Me... first time I've had blonde hair in Bali

 Lisa...don't we look alike LOL

How long are we in the water, laying on the sun lounges? Seems like hours our skin turns wrinkly, our hearts stop jumping every time we see a flicker in the lobby.
We are chatting away when Lisa suddenly says "they're here" as she pulls her sarong up over her face. 
OMG we don't know what to do we are facing each other so they are behind me Lisa is still hiding behind her sarong and we are in a panic, what will we do! I slowly turn around and see them walking around the lower pool.

I caught them for a few seconds on my camera, just as they walk behind the bale. Suddenly we have no idea how we want this to go and end up just waiting until they go around the pool. They pass us at a distance and we sit still with our backs to them.

Lisa and I are now running around like idiots grabbing our bags, giggling and shaking, I think we even bumped into each other at one point. Once again we  creep along the path cameras ready. We get to their door and can hear voices inside. 
I knock da da da dada, da da.

From inside a voice calls "hello ?"  quick as a flash Lisa replies "room service"

We hear the locks clicking and as the door opens we yell "SURPRISE!!" Joanne looks at us, her mouth drops, then before the door opens all the way she closes it.
 Lisa and I look at each other and laugh just as the door reopens.

 @#$#@ say Joanne who never swears, mum comes out from the dark room a huge smile appears on her face  "What are you doing here "

From here it is all hello, oh it's so wonderful to see you, what are you doing here... hugs and kisses with lots of laughing.

This is all on video but not for public viewing!

I grab my camera and we take a photo to capture the moment.
 Joanne,mum and Lisa with me at the front.

We spend a while catching up in the room then head to the pool.

That night we go to Cafe Wayans for dinner and early to bed as we are all exhausted!

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