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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bali over the years

This page is full of photos from over the years, I have tried to put them in some kind of order but they aren't all from the same trip so it's a bit of a jumble:)

At the top of this page under our family photo, in the  bar, are the links to other pages, click on each title to view the page for that trip.

To the right are more Bali stories/pages these are of later holidays and will be in better order.

Links below are to stories I've written or JBR's(just back report) as they are known on travel forums again I'm not sure that they are in order.


The beach out the front of the villas

the rain!!

loft room

our cottage

my toes:)

view from loft


Apa Kabar resturant

Apa Kabar on the left


                                                        Shell Museum from the beach




Candi Dasa

Who says there's no beach at Candi Dasa?

Candi Beach Cottages http://www.candibeachbali.com/


The ancient stone swimming pool

They didn't really dive


                                                                 View from our room

Gardenia Suite upstairs

down stairs

down stairs

Indah lobby

Indah afternoon tea

After our little New Years Eve Party

Tannalee just fits in Bali

Indah view from bed:)

Indah view
Indah pool

Monkeys around the pool Alam Indah

Alam Jiwa

Jiwa pool entrance, magic.

Alam Shanti we had downstairs

Mask Painting Lessons Ubud

Our little bale

afternoon tea while we paint

Gunung Kawi (Royal Monuments)

What is this place? it feels so incredibly ancient

the walk down to the monument is very pretty

The monuments

The walk way

Pura Gunung Kawi (spring temple)

The old man and our driver

 Tannalee looks like a Balinese dancer, here she is flicking crumbs from her fingers.

Bali Zoo

Tanna has learnt to hide everything from the monekys!

So proud  :)

Riley fed the lions as well but I can't find the photos

You can't convince me this is an average kitten, I'm sure it's some wild jungle cat, just as we took the photo it's little arms went out and it attacked!

Shopping in Ubud you don't always get what you want!

Ubud soccer field..... vespa convention LOL

Ry doing wood carving

Look what they made!!!!


Pondok Ayu

our room

Christmas day

 Bird markets (Denpasar)

He is feeding the baby birds

Birds in bags!! our driver told us birds are highly sought after in Bali and people pay a lot of money for song birds. As we walked past lots of guys would open their bags and show the kids what was inside!

Turtle conservation

these are huge

Feeding the turtles

The beach path Sanur

Besakih pool

Bonsai Cafe Chocolate Mousse

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua Beach Hotel

our room

breakfast buffet at Christmas time:)

I love this photo the kids had been told not to touch any animals as the rabies outbreak had just started. How could they resist these tiny kittens, look at Tanna checking to see if I'm going to yell :)

Nusa Lembongan

Girls Trip


Villa Awang Awang

The drive from Ubud to the villa

me in the pool

view from my room

take away from Ibu Rai what a mistake!

The villa

Bumi Bali Cooking Class

A trip to the markets

Ketut Our chef

Me cooking

shopping from Ubud markets, all mine!!

Near Sanur is an Old abandoned fun park

No more crocodiles

Koi at Padma


Our verahnda Kuta Lagoon Resort

Jimbarin bay I'm on the left, my little sister on the right:)

Mystic high tea at Biku Bali

asian high tea

classic high tea

My favourite dresses I bought this girls trip

Time to go home, waiting in one of the lounges at the airport... I've had my flying pill :)

Things around my house from Bali

A nice welcome at our front door

Tannalee bought this painting with her own money

My beautiful mermaid from... the Golden Buffalo? I think thats the name, or is it the Golden Bull?

From a dark little corner in a strange little shop that I couldn't find again in Ubud markets, the shop lady looked at me like I was crazy when I wanted to buy this bird. I had to polish it up a LOT.

From Ubud my first frog, he always looks so happy no matter whats in the bowl

Arond my piano is my mermaid, seahorse, frogs and a huge traditional Balinese painting that I framed with floor boards

King frog, one of my Christmas presents from our Christmas in Bali

Seahorse from Sanur

I love this little frog, he sits on my piano and tries to ignore how badly I play:) I bought him in the supermarket at Ubud

My dancing frogs, I love my dancing frogs... there is a story about these :)

I framed this with old floor boards

On the kitchen window sill

This shell wind chime just gently tinkles as the breeze comes down the stairs

A beaded basket from Ubud

From Ubud

The Dancing Frogs Story

In Ubud markets I found a metal statue, the dark green type, that I wanted it was two frogs dancing together holding hands, about 40 cms high, the guy wanted RP 1,400,000!! ha ha I said how about RP200,000, this went on back and forth as it does. He wouldn't go any lower than RP 600,000, I would come back here twice more, I think he had the only dancing frogs in Ubud (make that Bali) and he knew it!
Tried to find a painting I liked in Ubud but had no luck, went back to frog man and held up the dancing frogs with a big smile on my face knowing he would remember me, he smiled too, but he would not come down in price.
Back to the dancing frog man, bigger smile but still no! he would not come down any lower than 400,000, I said to him "what are they made of gold?", "no brass" he replied. Just couldn't justify paying that much, and I had already bought one of those fat frogs carrying a dish over his head for RP250,000 that I loved, so I never did get my dancing frogs.

The next Christmas I had a pile of presents from my hubby and amongst them was the dancing frogs!!! he had seen them in a Bali shop here in Sydney and bought them for me... what a honey XXXX
He paid a lot more than 400,000rp let me tell you! moral of the story if you really really love something buy it, you may never see it again :)

More JBR's (warning can be very boring) but some are relevent to the above photos

Sanur  http://www.btf-archives.com/archive200708/60976.html

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